Saturday, May 28, 2011


The students of FET participated in ROBOCON -2011. They worked very hard to cross many stages but could not reach the finals. But as the students say, “participation is important and we worked as a team with the guidance of our Professors.

ROBOCON is the one of the  most  prestigious robotics competitions in  INDIA,  where knowledge and dedication are the key words. This time our college team (member of ANDROID CLUB for robotics) comprised of 25 minds which included freshers and students from the final year.

ROBOCON  came  into  existence in 2001 in Japan and since then it is organized every year by ABU-ASIA PACIFIC which goes global with an active participation from more than 8 countries.

This time, the competition is being  organized  by  BANGKOK where  the  winner  from  each country is going to be competing with others to be the winner of Robocon-2011 in August.

The hard work for the project began in December 2010 and we were guided by our mentors Mr. ABHISHEK  KUMAR  (DY  REG) and Mr. SANJAY BANSAL (HD OF MRIIC). The students from FET were  invited  to  come  forward with  innovative ideas. A team of 25 member was  finalized, with Priyanka  chaudhary  (4th  year CITM) as the coordinator of the team.

1.Priyanka chaudhary(coordinator)
2.Harshit Arora(Electronic’s coordinator)
3.Vinay  Kushwaha(mechanical coordinator)
4.Ishant Goyal
5.Deepika Sheron
6.Amit Kumar Singh
7.Nitesh Karnwal
8.Akshay Singhla
9.Ketan Dutt
10.Rohin Sharma
11. Rahul Jagga
12. Piyush Kalara
13.Osama Bin Azeem
14.Karan Narula
15.Aman Verma
16.Katatayan Tivari
19.Dixit Aggarwal
21.Anil Goyal

Within 2 months of concentration and extreme hard work under the guidance of our mentors, we got ready to brave the challenges.

Our college became our second home. We spent sleepless nights in the college workshops under the guidance of Ojha Sir, Kishan Sir and a team of other teachers. We marched towards our dream on 28 February. 2011. Reaching Pune with our robots was a big step forward but the biggest challenge still awaited us.

In the 1st round, our opponent team was Vishvwshwarya Institute and we managed to defeat them with a margin of 24 points. It was a wonderful experience for us and gave us immense boost to give our best and compete in the next stage. 

Although, we could not make to the finals, but we are confident that laurels are not far away for us.
For  registration  to  the  ANDROID  CLUB  contact  :  Ishant Goyal.  Contact    no.- 08860715710

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