Saturday, June 9, 2012

And then there were four

College is an experience that carries over to the rest of your life. And our four students Manav, Antariksh, Vidya and Rachna have perfectly captured what life after school is all about. Conceptualised, scripted, performed and produced by the students, ‘’ is an interactive video website that not only lets you watch our students in action, but lets you make decisions for them.

But who are these four students that we speak of?

First we’d like to introduce Manav or Mr. Cool. The question is will his cool boy avatar work in college, too? Or will he have to start all over and learn new tricks of the cool trade? Or perhaps he’ll realize that there is more to life than flexing his muscles and flashing his perfect-celebrity-white smile at every girl that crosses his path.
Maybe he’ll spend less time looking in the mirror, squeezing dollops of sticky hair-gel on his head and start to see himself in a whole new light. 

And what about ‘Mr. Sports is my passion?’ At Manav Rachna he is our very own Antariksh. He like to makes jokes about being a ‘player’ but sport is the only game he wants to play. He has an air of confidence that could be mistaken for arrogance. So will our ‘player’ make it to every team and win every medal? Or will he be subjected to some serious competition for the first time in his life? Maybe he’ll learn that besides competition and training there is room for some fun.

As for our Ms. Book Worm aka Vidya life seems pretty set. Her future plans are neatly written on crisp sheets of white paper and boys, parties, fashion are the least of her interests. Her grades matter most and of course the next book she is going to bury herself in while her classmates are celebrating the end of another hardworking week. But something has to give, right? This is college, the best years of ones life. How can someone spend most of their time alone with stacks of books and, well, more books? There is a lot to learn from people as well, Vidya.

Now lastly we’d like to introduce, Rachna, or Little Ms. Sunshine. Her zest for life amazes pretty much everyone. She wants to be a journalist and explore the big (dare we say bad) world of media. So while she is in college she plans to focus on journalism and making as many friends as she can. Her life goals are pretty clear and our little Ms. Sunshine really isn’t afraid to go with the flow. She believes that the most exciting thing about life is discovering things when you least expect to discover them.

But the year has only just begun and our four freshers have many years ahead of them. So will they continue to be who they were before they walked through our gates? Or will they grow into new people, shedding old habits and trying on new dreams and goals?

We’ll have to wait and see but in the meantime you can visit to meet Manav, Antariksh, Vidya and Rachna and become a part of their stories. Literally.

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