Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Entertainment for Management

Student life is that time in one's life, when hard work and determination goes a long way. Students have important deadlines to meet as far as academics are concerned. In addition to this, there are various other important aspects of a student's life, that includes  peer pressure, college life, pressure of future aspirations, etc that are forever on a student's mind.

Management students in India are extremely involved in the academic activities and have little time for pursuing hobbies and interests, let alone indulge in entertainment.

However, there are certain Indian movies that are very inspiring and important management lessons, can be learnt through their portrayal of various characters, situations and plots. Here are some movies, that have even been taken, as case studies, to simplify various aspects of Management.

The List
Rocket Singh
A movie about Harpreet Singh, a B.Com graduate setting up his own parallel sales company, while working with another sales company. The story revolves around the challenges he faces starting from setting up his company & then day today functioning. The important Management lessen to be learnt from this movie is the importance of risk taking in making business decisions. The movie also celebrates the competitive spirit of aspiring managers. Harpreet Singh treats his customers as kings and that makes  them, prefer him over other big companies in the same field.

Band Baaja Baraat
This movie has plethora of Management Lessons. The story of a young boy & girl, who are ambitious and extremely passionate in their work. The lessons in this movie are that of team playing, responsibility sharing and passion being a driving force much more than degrees and qualifications.

The Oscar nominated Indian Bollywood film, written and directed by Ashutosh Gowariker teaches that one should dream big and the dreams do come true with hard work and determination. A clear vision and teamwork always leads to success. Even when a hand full of villagers decided to stand up against the mighty British, with a clear plan in hand, grit, determination and team work led them to success.

The beautiful movie celebrated our roots, the cheerful portrayal of characters, breathtaking landscapes  and soul stirring music, make it a very interesting watch. The movie showcases how teamwork and unity can lead us to our goal in spite of various challenges the environment throws at us.   

Entertainment for Growth
Management inferences can be drawn from movies, books, and even day to day life. These are just handful of movies that have been included, but the list goes on. One must take inspiration in entertainment, to make the entertainment worthwhile. Personal growth can be achieved by innumerable activities that include studying, reading, interacting with others and even sports and entertainment.

One must make entertainment their own zone of personal growth, the efforts are minimal and the rewards multiple. Movies are a very good way to start this, as the depiction of reality and that of dreams of human beings cannot be better defined than the silver screen.

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