Saturday, December 14, 2013

Why Should One Choose to Study Management

The simplest definition of Management is, the art of managing men towards a predetermined goal. There are a number of reasons that make it an attractive topic to study.
For starters it takes care of our inherent need of efficiency. Every time we call a telephone company and are made to repeat ourselves over and over again to different officials, it frustrates us immensely. It is the sheer lack of efficiency that not only irritates us but also demoralizes us. As a tax payer one expects better standards. Everything unsightly that we see in our cities and our neighborhood are largely the examples of poor management.
Secondly as a student one wants to finish their education and start a fulfilling career in which the options are generally two, to manage or to get managed. Regardless of whether one wants a career in Management or not, it is still an extremely suitable subject to study, to add on to your existing qualification.

Employment Edge
The study of Management gives you a career edge in any field you are in whether it is banking, Retail, telecom or even Information Technology. From an employer's point of view, a candidate with an additional degree in management is always more suitable than those with only technical degrees. In addition to this Management in itself is a lucrative career option, so standalone BBA & MBA also have good job prospects. One must remember that managerial positions across sectors, industries & countries require management students to man them.

MRIU For Management
Faculty of Management Studies at Manav Rachna International University is one of the top business schools in the country. Career 360 has ranked FMS in the top 50 B schools in the country, Mail Today has consistently ranked FMS, MRIU amongst top 15 B Schools in Delhi/NCR. The B School at MRIU is also categorized as 'A Category' by AIMA, making it an extremely attractive option for aspiring mangers. KPMG, a renowned consulting MNC has partnered with FMS in MRIU to deliver highly advanced curricula and academic content for the MBA Finance students. KPMG also provides 100% assistance for placement of all such students who undergo this programme.  FMS (MRIU) in collaboration with Fortis Healthcare Limited is offering MBA in healthcare management. The programme involves delivery of academic content by Fortis professionals besides one full semester attachment with Fortis hospitals.
For working professionals, Faculty of Management Studies at Manav Rachna International University has introduced Executive MBA Programme. The program is targeted at business executives, past or present, working in corporate organisations or in family businesses who are keen to upgrade their skills and are sufficiently motivated to move higher in their professional life. The EMBA at Manav Rachna is typically designed to impart state-of-the-art business education with thorough exposure to best practices so that the participants can have the right and practical understanding of business challenges and provide solutions to them. They can expect to fast-track their careers by gaining new insights into business practices and move on to higher echelons of management.
Highly efficient faculty, advanced curriculum & hardworking students have led to great placements over the years. Top performers of India Inc like Indiabulls, Yes Bank, British Airways, Cisco, Citibank, HDFC Life, Jindal Steel, Jubilant Foodworks, Lemontree Hotels, JCD Ceaux, Unicon, Ceasefire Ltd. etc. frequently visit for on campus placements.

The Punch Line
Management is not only necessary in our profession but also in our personal life. Whether it is relationships, Time Management, household management, or management of our interests, hobbies and our circle of influence, Management is always required.
So next time you decide to study further or move higher in your professional life, Management Programmes could be one of the options you could ponder upon.

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