Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dual Degree Offers You Dual Gain

Efficient educational paradigm is the next most trending pattern in the education system of India, particularly the private Universities. There is a growing demand for specialized higher education courses, as many colleges are now seen offering dual degree or a joint degree integrated programs.
An opportunity for students to combine their more than one interest subject and pursue a specialized degree course for the same, is the most efficient study package available. More achievement in less time is preferred by the Universities who choose to affiliate themselves with an international Institute, for a joint Masters degree program.
These joint dual degree program however, do not load double pressure on the students for the course structure is designed in a manner that carried out smoothly. it is an perfect blend of  practical and theoretical classes in a manner that the students can learn and cope with both.
Generally the foreign Universities have a three month research programs in the last semester along with the routine degree course of the indigenous college. Based on the research assignments or dissertations submitted, the performance for the dual degree is decided.
The most important benefit of acquiring a dual degree is it doubles the chances of students in the job market. A student who has acquired certified degrees in two specialized Master courses simultaneously, it also gives them an edge above others in the real job market.
A MBA degree along with a Masters specialized degree from a foreign University confirms an overall knowledge base of the students, who have received a world wide view on the subject unlike just the traditional content of the syllabus.
Big corporate houses also prefer students who have a greater knowledge base and double recognized degree status in order to easily absorb freshers in the job market and train them accordingly.
 Manav Rachna International University( MRIU), offers a 'Dual Degree'MBA program in collaboration with Edinburgh Napier University, UK.(ENU). This specialized dual degree program provides three modules namely building High Performing Organisation, Marketing within the Global Economy, Management and Organisational change will be delivered by ENU Faculty members in Faculty of Management Studies(FMS) campus itself.
Edinburgh Napier University is one of the highest education University in Scotland, with over 17,000 students from across 100 countries. It offers Industry informed courses with a perfect balance of theoretical and practical course program.On successful completion of the program students will be awarded MRIU as well as ENU degrees separately.
Thus a dual degree offers academic, professional, economical  and other time benefits to the students who can now specialize in a particular subject along with their graduation or post graduation Degree courses. 
This Dual Degree plan help students develop and apply creative problem solving, critical reasoning and strategic thinking skills to learn about global economic principles, strategic business issues, organizational management and realities of competitive market place. 
The cost of studying abroad and the value received by a foreign degree in Indian job market has been an important driver for students who now choose to achieve their dreams from the same University. It indeed saves them cost and makes the foreign educational degree affordable for Indian students. 
Prashant Bhalla, Chancellor of MRIU said" the dual degree program will enrich the existing qualification for the students and add further international dimension to the course.The program aims to provide an understanding of the dynamics of working in an organisation, in a rapidly changing environment by providing the right skill set and knowledge to its students".
Dual Degree programs have much more to offer in comparison to traditional learning courses. It gives a better exposure and makes one more competitive. The double benefit-double degree concept has best benefitted the students followed by the employing company and then the University faculties.
This is rather a structured method of calling for an exchange program among teachers and students via a subject course and thus allowing education to achieve a global reach.
Manav Rachna International University(MRIU)  offers this privileged platform to its students in order to increase their employabilty as well and to equip the graduates for a success in the global market.

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