Thursday, June 19, 2014

When College Becomes Your Work Place

Research is the birth point of new ideas that leads to innovation and evolution. India is still striving to buck-up in the department of research and development as most of our students choose to get away with just scoring numbers and getting placed in big corporate giants.

However, the changing trend in the corporate world has also changed the rules of education. Corporate houses are now keen on employing skilled and already trained minds over just the top scorer in the class.

This has called for great emphasis on the research and development department of the institutes, who lay great impetus on ensuring sound R&D infrastructure and resources for their students.College libraries, research labs, cyber cell, special research departments are few of the mandatory research spaces allotted carefully in every institute.

What has become more encouraging for students is an option of assisting the research team of their own institute after they have successfully graduated from the college.
This is another most opted career by students where they choose to serve their own alma-meter by joining the institute in various capacities like researcher, student coordinator, placement cell manager , creative department head  and social media coordinator to name a few.

Manav Rachna International University (MRIU) is emerging stronger in its research and development department, by giving new and challenging opportunities to its ex-students in their research team.

Students are overwhelmed to be recruited by their own guardian educational institute where they can work in familiar environment and sit on the other side of the desk.
Many successfully graduated students of MRIU have shared their enriching experience of getting placed in their college campus itself. They believe that the process of learning does not end with acquiring a professional degree. It is rather more important to have a practical application experience of the knowledge.

MRIU professors believe that their main aim is to break the walls between the disciplines, industry and academia to inculcate the true structure of learning.
There is a greater need of preparing students with a mindset that quality work is more important than a brand name of a company. If a student is able to get more detailed understanding of a subject and the same profile becomes its job it can solve the dual purpose of learning and earning, at the same time.

Youth who were once students can now interact, connect and communicate with their junior colleagues and help cross over the step which they found difficult to move on.
The campus employment option also helps create more job in the otherwise limited opportunities for the fresher lot.

Manav Rachna has always created new platform for its students, to establish themselves so that they can fulfill dreams of different kinds, in the on campus jobs in their own institute.

Hence learning has taking precedence over education qualification and job.

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