Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Know Why Your University Campus Is An Important Part Of Your Student Life

When classrooms are being taken to your doorstep, why would students pick to go to a school, college or a University campus for acquiring their degree?

Advancement in technology might have connected the globe through a single mouse click but education is still acquired in a school/college campus. Campus of any educational Institute is not limited to the classrooms and the academic knowledge sessions hosted inside the four walls. A student learns much beyond the contents of the book in a campus education.

Infrastructure of a campus which includes Institute buildings, classrooms, equipment, the corridors is just one of the many offerings of a College Campus. Campus is one place in students’ life where he/she gets full freedom to prepare his own path to success and lead a much confident life ahead.

In this time and age, a classroom teaching in terms of the course books and the study materials are all available and accessible by students on Internet. Recording of class teachings for future reference is also a regular practice now and more approachable through the e-learning system introduced in the University courses.

Learning process is not build around subjective issues it rather extends to every area of interest. Talents like dancing, music, drama, art, organizing, managing, inventing, researching are an integral and important part of personality grooming and reflects one’s strength and weakness.

When you are at Manav Rachna you can grab all the opportunities of a student life.

Campus life of Manav Rachna in its unique way has shaped not only the future of its students but also given them a polished and skilled personality.One campus and numerous platforms that allows fellow students to discover their own skills, and interest are so that they can choose the right path of growth in the challenging world.

Some of the acclaimed events hosted by MRIU in its campus includes the Science Conclave jointly held by the Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of Haryana the & Manav Rachna InternationalUniversity, the Delhi Times Fresh Face is a popular talent hunt youth activity hosted in the university campus by The Times of India, extending a common platform for freshers to showcase their talent.

Hindustan Times organized Fever Jam, a Musical Talent Hunt at MRIU last year. Whole lot of Students of MRIU participated in this great event and got a vast exposure and showcased their talent to entire Delhi.

Faculty of Management science, (FMS) launched a ‘COMMUNITY SERVICE PROGRAM’ in which the Institute has been reaching out to the community at large through a variety of activities. The Institute has plans to adopt some villages as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
MRIU campus also witnessed the biggest congregation of college students across Delhi NCR at MRIU, ‘Youth Nexus Rock Band Competition’. Unlike other college festivals, it incorporated not only inter collegiate competitions across various disciplines but also adventure sports, celebrity performances and other youth involvement activities.

As MRIU has bonding and collaboration with the best corporate houses of the country, it celebrates its relationship by organised annual cricket tournament, where all its corporate and Knowledge partners participate along with the students.

Campus of a university itself is a part of the learning course in a student’s life. It helps students come out of their shells and convert their weaknesses into their strength. Campus life is beyond the infrastructural and academic training programs. It enriches students with a once in a life time opportunity to live through the experiences that otherwise is earned very hard.

It has plethora of events lined up throughout its academic year, related to the academic, sports, cultural, religious, entertainment or those related to social causes. In this context, Seminars, Workshops, Symposiums, Exhibitions, Cultural get together and a variety of Competitions that become a part and parcel of the Campus life at Manav Rachna Institutions.

There are some important panel discussions and workshops centred around debatable social issues of the society like the Women issues, policy changes, arranged to update the students about the current happenings in or society.

A campus life of a University prepares that platform for the student where they can invest their time and efforts to improve upon their skills and grow ahead on their own terms.This investment is not charged monetarily and rather assures a good return on investment to the students who otherwise land up in the wrong profession their lives.

Manav Rachna International University gives you a glimpse of how a campus life can groom you to achieve the best in you.

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