Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Explore The Reality With NDTV In MRIU

Media which is considered the fourth pillar of our country plays a significant role in the influencing the masses. Today, Media is no more limited to merely collecting information and communicating it to its receivers via different carriers like Newspapers, Television, Social websites, and Advertisements to name a few; now it is not only a one way channel rather it creates scope for the people to respond to the information as well.

As the technology in the world grows at an advanced pace with new and high-tech gadgets being invented and modified each day, modes of media reach out have also increased.

Earlier it was only Radio and Newspapers that were available as a source of mass communication but with time the range of media devices have expanded with the increasing demand of information at every level.

The world of Mass Media is large and powerful, which makes it one of the most flourishing career options for the students today, who aspire to attain knowledge and stand confident in the public life.

The growing prospect of the Media Industry across the globe makes Mass Communication a preferred choice for all the young dynamic students who wish to be a part of the networking world. IT and media has shared a long term relationship which allows the developments in the IT world have real time implementation via various modes of mass communication.

Manav Rachna has specialized degree based training courses in different mediums of Mass Communication, preparing its students to perform with requisite knowledge and skills in the Media Industry.

Faculty of Media Studies (FMeS), the Media training wing of Manav Rachna International University (MRIU) provides a balanced knowledge and field  training programmes to its media students. The graduation and post graduation course at Manav Rachna is not limited to classroom training rather it spans across special training sessions in production, content writing, reporting, on field assignments, research and studio training.

FMeS in MRIU has two specialized degree courses for the students aspiring to place themselves in the Media Industry, ranging from the news world, movie making to advertisement.

Three years Bachelor degree course of Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) is offered for students preparing themselves for mainstream journalism along with a sneak peek into other mass media professions such as Advertising and public relations.

Two years Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication (MJMC) is a post graduate degree course of FMeS that provides an excellent opportunity for the individuals who want to seek an in depth knowledge of the media industry and hone their skills in its various fields.

NDTV which is recognized as a leading Television media channel of India have collaborated with FMeS to provide students an insight into the real world media practice. NDTV World Wide has likewise signed a MOU with MRIU for conducting Skill centric workshops for students enrolled in BJMC course.

Programme experts from NDTV Worldwide also conduct 14 workshops for students in the areas of Anchoring, Reporting, Breaking News, Digital Media, News Production and Roll of a Producer, Departments of a News Channel, Writing TV News, News Room Scenario and Operations - Live PCR, Camera, Editing, and Technical Overview of Modern Television News Room.

More intriguing fact is the placement opportunity offered by NDTV for students of MRIU's Mass Media Communication department, on the basis of their performance during the course. Students shall also be provided certificates for these workshops by NDTV Worldwide and MRIU.

This unique blend of educating students in a professional ambiance will foster the youngsters to deliver with much more perfection so that they can excel in the role they choose to perform.

FMeS focuses on preparing its students to face challenges and grab opportunities at the right time in the right manner. Students graduating from FMeS are not only equipped with the knowledge of the subject matter but their minds are trained to analyze situations and pick out stories  in the most innovative manner.

Students from FMeS have already claimed distinguished place for themselves in various media firms and organizations across the globe in various capacities such as Reporter, Anchor, Producer, Writer, Editor, Advertising manager, Creative team leader to name a few.

If you are a part of Faculty of Media Studies (FMeS) in MRIU, it will change the way you live, learn, communicate, and interact with the world.


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